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How To Get Backlinks To Your Blog Fast in 2 Simple Steps MANUALLY In 2014!

How To Get Back Links To Your Blog Fast in 2 Simple Steps MANUALLY In 2014!

Oh NO NOT MANUALLY! Yes MANUALLY! As online marketers there is one thing that we live and strive for and that is Automation. The power of leverage! Robert Kiyosaki defines leverage as “the ability to do more with less”.

And do not get me wrong. Automation is a necessity  and should be in all your marketing efforts however, there are still techniques that you can do that do not take up a lot of time and that work POWERFULLY, especially when it comes to authority in the market place. without further a due here they are:

1. Document/PDF Submissions

pdf submissions This is very powerful, especially when it comes to backlinking. Its a very easy process to do just takes about 30 minutes of your time.

Document/PDF sharing allows you to share your content on other authority, community based sites and because they have such a good authority and ranking in the eyes of Google, it is perceived as high quality backlinking. I have taken the liberty to list some of the most widely known document/PDF sharing sites

1. Slidshare

2. Scribd

3. Docstoc

4. 4Shared

5. Calameo

6. Pdfcast  

These are just a few you can start with. For a bigger list of pdf sharing sites go to  

2. Posting on WEB 2.0 Sites

Posting on Web 2.0 sites and then pinging those publications is a great way to get quality backlinks coming into your webstise  to your website for 100% free! Posting on different web 2.0 sites created what is called a link wheel. An illustration of this can be seen below: link-wheel2link wheel   Decided to use to images here just to give you a better idea of what a link wheel looks like.  


Definition of a Link Wheel

A link wheel simply is “A link building strategy in which links are created on pages on a number of Web 2.0 sites. On each page, there will be a link to your main or “target” site as well as to one of the other Web 2.0 pages. The links to other Web 2.0 pages will form a closed circle (Site A links to Site B links to Site C links to Site D links to Site A), hence the wheel concept.” As seen on Internet Marketing Dictionary

Now to Learn More on the strategy of how to create a link wheel step by step and set it up click here and here (two great resources on this topic area)  


Now it would just be wrong for me to tell you about these 2 methods for creating backlinks to your website without me giving you the strategy on how to actually do it.


Section A


step 1 – You sign up for all pdf sharing sites and web 2.0 sites

Step 2 – Convert article on your website to pdf using clean print plugin

step 3 – Submit to pdf/document sharing websites and ping those links and submit them to search engines


Section B


step 1 – you re-write/spin you main article on your main/money website atleast 5-7 times

step 2 – You then publish those rewritten articles on all your web 2.0 sites

step 3 – Ping and submit to search engines

step 4 – PIN (pinterest) and social bookmark ALL Sites including your money site  


OH STOP YOUR WINING AND COMPLAINING! The onlywork here is in the setup of all these sites and you only have to do it once, after that its all Promotion.

If you like you can go to and have someone rewrite your articles for you OR you could use an green light articles  As Always Thank you for taking the time to read.

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9 Responses to “How To Get Backlinks To Your Blog Fast in 2 Simple Steps MANUALLY In 2014!”

  1. Scott says:

    Josh dude, what are you doing? You have to stop making all this SEO stuff so darn easy to understand. Nice simple steps to follow here. Yeah, it takes some work, but it’s just sitting in a chair while doing it. Oh boy. It’s not like your out digging ditches.

  2. Haha. Thank you very much for the kind words. Yes very true once you decide to setup it up you are ready to blast off!

  3. Keyur Amin says:

    Great post Josh and thanks for mentioning my blog. By the way one can use this website… to convert a webpage to pdf form almost instantaneously if you do not want to use ‘Cleanprint’ plugin.


  4. Great resource Mr Amin!

  5. Dawn says:

    Like most things online that are worth doing…it does take some footwork on your own. There are some programs that can help automate the process, but you still have to do the initial work.

    I like how you made it simple to understand and backing it all up with resources. Great job Joshua.

  6. Sandy Tan says:

    Somehow, Josh, i just like this post. Seems achievable to me. Will work on this once i get few more nitty gritties settled. Once again, great post :)

  7. yes its very achievable if you do not rush it and overwhelm yourself. its a 4 day action plan

    Day 1 – sign up for all accounts

    Day 2 – Submissions

    Day 3 – Re-writing of content

    Day 4 – submissions

    :) Thank you again Sandy

  8. Sandy Tan says:

    Thanks Josh :) Keep them coming.

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