Quick Start Challenging : The 4 Levels Of Competency

Now lets be honest, there are many programs out there all promising the moon and telling you how you can make a gold mine online. Well the truth is 90% even those that are having launches the gross 6 figures in one week end up being total and complete CRAP!

Why is this? Because they take advantage of your ignorance. This is how it works in the JV world…..You promote me and I promote you, here are 3-5 emails to bombard your list with.

You may not necessarily know what they need but you know that you have to make sure you get enough sales for this vendor to respect you and promote whatever you have coming out next.

The 4 Levels of Competency

1. Unconscious Incompetence – This is basically where you do not know what you are suppose to know. You are completely unaware. Have you ever had that “AH HA” moment and said to yourself in amazement “I didnt know that, will go do more research on that.” Before that fact you were completely blind but now you have transitioned to point number 2

2 Conscious Competence – Your eyes are open, you are aware and are fully CONSCIOUS or AWARE of what you do not know. You now KNOW that you do not know and are thus conscious of your incompetence.  So once you know what you dont know, the research stage and process checks in

3. Conscious Competence – Here you are aware of what you know. For example you know how to drive but you not good at it. You keep on having to pay attention to how you switch your gears and when, you lose focus and immediately you begin to make mistakes.

4. Unconscious Competence – You good. Im mean you REALLY GOOD! Good at what you do, this is where everything just comes so natural to you. you can drive, change gears, take on the phone, eat a hamburger and still see that pothole in the middle of the road and avoid it without almost causing an accident with any other driver. You are at the PEAK of COMPETENCE!


So what does all this have to do with internet marketing?


EVERYTHING! Internet Marketing is all about TRAFFIC – CONVERSIONS – SALES if anyone comes and start trying to sell you something that doesnt help with any of the following that you are being sold total nonesense.

The Quick Starter Challenge for one is going to help you make money by providing you with training in Traffic. Especially as a learner or new fresh green vegetable to internet marketing, I can tell you for sure that the only thing you need and MUST focus on is traffic and nothing else!

Everything else comes secondary. Once you learn Traffic Generation you can begin mastering conversions, then optimizing funnels and looking at your sales.

And this is one thing that people just do not know they come into the game of internet marketing not knowing what they suppose to know or come in with the mindset that this is like a lemonade stand sell lemonade and not a branded business.

BAD! If you do not know where you are going, any road will take you there and thus the shiny ball syndrome of buying, buying, buying till it becomes an addiction that actually makes you feel good. Telling yourself “This time this might be the one”



TRAFFIC -CONVERSIONS – SALES! This is all what the Internet Marketing/Online or E-Business game is all about. Master these and you a smooth sailing my friend.