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Awesome Bonus Video Product

  • amtasia templates and live training designed especially for MARKETERS. We cover Mac and PC!
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  • Our sales videos are proven to boost conversion rates by 50%! Steal that conversion fire-power for yourself right now!
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Screencast Pro

Hi, we’re Joey Xoto and Lon Naylor, and if you don’t know us, we’re the “video guys” that everyone goes to for customized videos and video creation training.

We’ve collectively generated millions of dollars online, produce roof smashing conversion rates for our products and for our clients… all by using video.

You’d think we’d need some kind of custom video suite to get results like that. Nope.

We just use Camtasia.

The fact is, Camtasia’s the best video creation tool on the market right now… if you know how to use it.

But that’s the problem.

Even the best software is no use if you’re not shown how to use it to its full potential, and Camtasia’s training videos are not designed for marketers or business online.

Not only that, NONE of what they give you is designed for marketers.

Camtasia has loads of features that are perfectly designed to help you sell… and you’re not shown how to use any of them.

Quite honestly, it’s not surprising you’re struggling to make it work.

And it’s time that changed.

Now, we’re releasing our very own ‘black book’… all the tips, tricks and techniques we’ve developed over years in the video industry.

This is Screencast Pro, and it’s designed specifically for marketers… meaning you’ll discover how to create videos easily and KNOW they’re going to convert.

Even better, we’re throwing in our own done-for-you templates, meaning you’ll be able to create videos you can charge $1,000 for and they’ll only take you 10 minutes to make.

Inside the Screencast Pro training, you’ll discover:

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How to make videos that HYPNOTIZE and CONVERT. Get eyes locked on your video in the first 10 seconds and keep them hooked until they hit the “buy now” button.

No “copywriting” skills necessary. There are a lot of “in video” tricks you can do that keep people in a “desire-trance” as they watch the video. You don’t even have to write a word of copy to achieve this! We’ll show you how.

Screen capture secrets: Some simple screen capture videos generate many millions of dollars in sales, and some are total duds. You’ll be on the side that makes winning screen cap videos when you tap into our screen capture secrets.

How to create UNQUESTIONABLE proof: We all know that proof images can, and have been, faked with Photoshop, but you’ll see how to take advantage of video to create proof that no one can doubt for a second.

Prove easiness… with ease: Nearly all sales material says, “it’s easy!” but you’ll be able to prove it so that even the biggest newbies know they can use your product, and they’ll buy from you in bigger numbers than ever before.

Bring still images to life, hold attention, convert higher: Do this one easy thing (a trick stolen by a documentary film director) and you can retain your viewers’ attention even when your video consists of nothing but still images.

Be profitably prepared: Ever click “Record” without planning first? This will cost you BIG! We’ll show you the stress-free way to plan out your video before you start. This saves you tons of time and energy and gives your video the best chance of being profitable from day 1.

How to never (or rarely) need to edit: Editing can be stressful and time consuming, but when you record the way we do, you’ll rarely have to edit. This will put you miles ahead of the curve.

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Watch Over The Shoulder As We Create Box Office Quality, High-Converting Videos From Scratch

In addition to all of the training, you’ll also watch us create videos from scratch, from planning, to recording, to editing, production, and generating traffic. Just copy what we do, and you can have high-converting, profitable videos throughout all of your funnels online.

But the conversion-focused training inside Screencast Pro is only one piece of what you’ll receive today.

You’re also going to get 9 high-end templates that will enable you to create your own high-converting videos in minutes.

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With your new Camtasia templates, you’ll create the most gorgeous videos in the marketplace, with the most converting profit potential, in a mere 10 minutes.

Doesn’t that sound great?
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These templates will enable you to:

Create beautiful, high-converting VSLs in minutes. Save WEEKS of time and THOUSADS of dollars on outsourcing.

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Reach new audiences. Video is surging in popularity because people love it (especially the ever-growing base of mobile users). Now you’ll reach new people and a market that grows larger every day.

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Sell videos you can be proud of for thousands; do the work in minutes. Other clients and local businesses will pay top dollar for videos of this quality, and you can be proud of what you deliver to them. Best part? It’ll take you 10 minutes or less to do any actual “work”. Nothing beats that!

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Full rights to high-quality graphics can cost an arm and a leg… and the graphics included inside Camtasia are over-used, outdated, and plain boring.

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If the thought of writing a sales video script makes you anxious, then this is for you. Writing a high-converting video script will become as easy as filling in the blanks, and something that would take you days or weeks to create will be done in minutes.

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Make your slideshow presentations awesome by following these easy, yet little-known tips. They can apply to Powerpoint or any other slideshow software.

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Screencast Pro Camtasia Training for Marketers:=$199 Value
Screencast Pro DFY Template Package:=$499 Value
Graphics Pack Bonus:=$199 Value
Script Writing Bonus:=$199 Value
Powerpoint Tips Bonus:=$199 Value
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Screencast Pro

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* No purchase neccessary for Camtasia giveaway

5 KILLER Tactics On How To Do Video On Page SEO

5 KILLER Tactics On How To Do Video On Page SEO


If you look for this on youtube and search “video onpage seo” or “how to optimize your video” you will find that there are many videos out there that talk about how you can do video SEO however they are not clearly set out for you, in a step by step process.

Instead you will have to watch atleast 5-10 videos on how to do onpage seo and even then you may not fully understand how it is done. In this post I will give you 5 clearly distinctive ways in which you are suppose to optimize all your videos.

so without further adue here are the 5 Killer Tactics you can use for Onpage video SEO to not only boost your videos higher in the search engines but your webpages as well:


1. Your Video Content – With the search engines everything you do is all about “content relevancy” and since YouTube is the worlds 2nd largest search engine, the relevancy of your content obviously holds a large amount of weight.

CAUTION: just because you create a video and speak a few words into the camera does not mean that YouTube has no idea what you are saying or talking about. They have tools they use to script the words you have said in your video so if you are talking about duck hunting and entitle your video as “tips and tricks to improve your golf swing” do not be surprised if that video is taken down.

Make sure you talk about what you want to rank for and even mention a few of your keywords in there if you can.


2. Your Title – This is absolutely key! You want to make sure you have your main keyword/words that you are trying to rank for in your title for example: Cell Phone Repair in London | Cheap cell phone repair services or How to do keyword research with amazon – Amazon Keyword research.

Now you do not have to put it two keyword phrases in there but the more the merrier, the more keywords you rank for.


3. Your Description – The very first thing you want to do here is make sure that you put the title of your video in and then the link to your website or contact info like  – Cell Phone Repair in London | Cheap cell phone repair services, visit

make sense? From there you want to make sure that you use as many characters as possible! (YouTube gives you 5000 characters). There are people that still think article marketing is dead if that is the case, its not dead when using it with video.

A 2-350 word article mentioning your primary, secondary and tertiary (your first keyword you want to rank for, followed by your second, third and so on and so forth) keywords in their along with your call to action at least 3 times in there will suffice.

There are many ways you can present this information and with time you will start getting better at it as you see more and more descriptions of other youtube videos.


how to make money online

have you ever made money online?

making money online

online business

hoe based business

internet business

You could get away with that in the past but now with all the updates YouTube is taking videos down for doing this.


4. Your tags and Keywords – This is self explanatory use as many relevant keywords in the tag section of your video as possible.


5. channel and gmail name (optional) – This is a good tactic when you are doing affiliate marketing and just want to promote one product on a short term basis otherwise it is not really necessary. NB: youtube is about creating a community of high engaged audiences that interact on and watch your videos so I recommend you have at least one YouTube Channel that you use for this :)



So there you have it folks. These are the 5 kills tactics you can begin to use today to rank your videos.

In the next post I will cover some really serious off-page tactics that only private coaching programs reveal. Stay tuned

Online Video Creation – How To Create Video Online In 15 minutes Less

Online Video Creation – How To Create Video Online In 15 minutes Less


Creating videos can be a very tedious task and really time consuming depending on what you are doing and how you are creating the video.


There are two ways that one can create video. 1 way is offline video using equipment like a video camera or phone and other equipment and the other way number 2 is online using software and programs.

2 of these methods cannot be covered in one post without taking at least 3 pages worth of Microsoft word pages. That being the case this post will cover the simplest way that you can start making video in under 15 minutes even if you are completely new to it!

Advantages of Online Video

  • No equipment needed
  • There is no risk of damaging or losing piece and bits of your equipment
  • Does not require you moving from location to location
  • You can do it all by yourself effectively
  • Simpler to create and edit
  • Fast Turnover time
  • Everything you need available from one location (online)
  • Do not need any special training or to be tech savvy
  • Can outsource for very low prices


  • Cannot create video with a lot of different characters
  • Cannot Create long story lines
  • Depending on software used, there can be a deep learning curve
  • A lot of times forces you to outsource, especially for voice overs


How To Create Amazing Videos Online in 15 Minutes or Less


Video is a very Powerful way of getting your message out to a large audience in an easy way.

There are 5 main ways I have found that you can create video online fairly easily.

  1. Typography videos
  2. Cartoon Animation Videos
  3. Whiteboard Doodle Animation Videos
  4. Compiling a bunch of pictures and adding music
  5. stealing/borrowing bits and pieces of video that has already been created and adding effects/customizing it.
  6. Screen Capture Videos

Here is an example of a whiteboard video animation  that I had done.

To Learn How You Can Easily Create Videos Like These CLICK HERE

Here is a example of a cartoon animated video

I am sure most of you are familiar with this software. FANTASTIC! VMFX Video Software

Learn how you can easily Create videos USING POWER POINT

Here is another example this time of a typography type video


Ok thats is pretty self explanatory and then there is how i started out with simple compilations of pictures and added audio

This was the 1st video I ever created and uploaded to YouTube ladies and gentlemen so please do not judge :)

And this is stealing scenes from another video and putting them together


Ummmm. Dont ask.

Then there are screen capture videos. Making videos by recording your screen mainly used for tutorials

This is a great resource to have, especially if you are serious about creating video. Grab it HERE



These are all fantastic ways to create high quality videos online without being really technical knowledge or being a POWER video editor.

Once again if you would like to really start creating video right now using FREE software on your computer ie Power Point. Watch this short little video showing you exactly how you can do that, again in 15 minutes or less!


I hope this post has given you a little insight to the many ways you can create video online. In the Next post we will begin to narrow down on creating videos with equipment.





 “KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE PRIZE!” is what they always say when chasing after that one thing you want the most in life.

YES ladies and gentlemen! The world cup is here and its hit the world with a bang.

With teams from all over the world coming in to represent their country and do their nation proud there is no room for error! They are leaving everything on the table.

Practicing daily, warming up, watching what they eat ie their diet and since it is really hot down there hydration is very key.

So what has all this got to do with kick starting your video marketing?

Glad you asked…




Which one are you? Are you the type that often finds yourself on the sidelines watching other peoples’ success or are you the type that goes and gets their head in the game and participates instead of spectates?

If you are a playing there is something you are doing everyday in your online marketing business ventures, whether it is creating videos, editing, animating, scribing, promoting. And this does not only apply to video marketing it applies to all areas of life and business, in whatever you decide to do.

Ok, So what does all this mean for me and video marketing?

It means that when you go into video marketing it is exactly like starting a football match (soccer), you have to have your head in the game at all times no matter how tough it gets.

Just because its online doesnt mean its a hobby. Its a business just like any other and should be treated that way and with that i go to my main point.


How To Kick Start Your Video Marketing, Both For Online and Offline Campaigns



There are 3 main topic areas for video:

1. Video Creation Tools and Software

2. Publishing (onpage SEO)

3. Promoting and Ranking (offpage SEO)

Over the next 3 posts i am going to be focusing on each of these points and going into each of them with great detail.

There is a lot of information to consume but there is also a lot that you can implement immediately and begin to see results and conversions.

Unlike websites video has its own set of rules and algorithms. Although Google slapped YouTube once ie slapped themselves videos are not nearly as affected by Panda and Penguin updates as much as websites are.



Well thats it from me for this post thanks for reading.

images (1)

Enjoy the World Cup Season. And for those of you who are not fans of the biggest and best international game in human history….IM SORRY



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How To Get Backlinks To Your Blog Fast in 2 Simple Steps MANUALLY In 2014!

How To Get Back Links To Your Blog Fast in 2 Simple Steps MANUALLY In 2014!

Oh NO NOT MANUALLY! Yes MANUALLY! As online marketers there is one thing that we live and strive for and that is Automation. The power of leverage! Robert Kiyosaki defines leverage as “the ability to do more with less”.

And do not get me wrong. Automation is a necessity  and should be in all your marketing efforts however, there are still techniques that you can do that do not take up a lot of time and that work POWERFULLY, especially when it comes to authority in the market place. without further a due here they are:

1. Document/PDF Submissions

pdf submissions This is very powerful, especially when it comes to backlinking. Its a very easy process to do just takes about 30 minutes of your time.

Document/PDF sharing allows you to share your content on other authority, community based sites and because they have such a good authority and ranking in the eyes of Google, it is perceived as high quality backlinking. I have taken the liberty to list some of the most widely known document/PDF sharing sites

1. Slidshare

2. Scribd

3. Docstoc

4. 4Shared

5. Calameo

6. Pdfcast  

These are just a few you can start with. For a bigger list of pdf sharing sites go to  

2. Posting on WEB 2.0 Sites

Posting on Web 2.0 sites and then pinging those publications is a great way to get quality backlinks coming into your webstise  to your website for 100% free! Posting on different web 2.0 sites created what is called a link wheel. An illustration of this can be seen below: link-wheel2link wheel   Decided to use to images here just to give you a better idea of what a link wheel looks like.  


Definition of a Link Wheel

A link wheel simply is “A link building strategy in which links are created on pages on a number of Web 2.0 sites. On each page, there will be a link to your main or “target” site as well as to one of the other Web 2.0 pages. The links to other Web 2.0 pages will form a closed circle (Site A links to Site B links to Site C links to Site D links to Site A), hence the wheel concept.” As seen on Internet Marketing Dictionary

Now to Learn More on the strategy of how to create a link wheel step by step and set it up click here and here (two great resources on this topic area)  


Now it would just be wrong for me to tell you about these 2 methods for creating backlinks to your website without me giving you the strategy on how to actually do it.


Section A


step 1 – You sign up for all pdf sharing sites and web 2.0 sites

Step 2 – Convert article on your website to pdf using clean print plugin

step 3 – Submit to pdf/document sharing websites and ping those links and submit them to search engines


Section B


step 1 – you re-write/spin you main article on your main/money website atleast 5-7 times

step 2 – You then publish those rewritten articles on all your web 2.0 sites

step 3 – Ping and submit to search engines

step 4 – PIN (pinterest) and social bookmark ALL Sites including your money site  


OH STOP YOUR WINING AND COMPLAINING! The onlywork here is in the setup of all these sites and you only have to do it once, after that its all Promotion.

If you like you can go to and have someone rewrite your articles for you OR you could use an green light articles  As Always Thank you for taking the time to read.

Please Like. Share. Comment

Top 2 Ways How You Can Protect, Save And Back-Up Your Website

Top 2 Ways How You Can Protect, Save And Back-Up Your Website


This is one area I must admit that I personally have neglected and highly taken for granted and that is backing up or saving my site. The same way you would save your course work to another flash disk/external disk, or how you would save your baby’s photos on not just your email but on dropbox, your momma’s computer, your phone, tablet, laptop and so on because its something very important to you.


The same applies to your website/blog because if you lost it for one reason or another you LOSE EVERYTHING. There is no half way and no in between. Sorry to be the barer of bad news but that is just the way it is!


1. Backup Creator

backup site

Very easy to install into your website and provides you with quick backup. While there are quite a few tools and resources that you can use to back up your website, Backup Creator is by far the most affordable backup WP Tool that I have seen so far online!

This is what it can do for you

  • Instant backup
  • Restore Anywhere
  • Automatic Scheduling ie how often you want your site automatically backed up
  • Cloud Capability ie can save your site to FTP (file transfer protocol), Drop Box, Amazon s3.
  • Instant Restore functionality

Click below to go watch the video

backup creator


And wanted to give this last as i am sure you are wondering what the price for this is and I can confidently tell you that it is only a measly. Price:$7/year!  


2. Backup Buddy

backup buddy


If you know you have a website that is making you money or a corporate website then this is one tool that is for you!

Main Features:

  • Provides you with email notifications
  • Malware Scan
  • Database Scan and Repair
  • Database Mass Text Replacement
  • Individual File Restore
  • Server Tools
  • Customer Support via forum

PRICE: $80/year (2 website)

So if you know that your website is a piece of online real estate then by all means please this is one WP plugin you cannot afford to not have installed onto your WordPress website


Final Words

So there you have it my top 2 ways on how you can protect, save and backup your website/blog easily, instantly with no problem or stress involved.

This is not to say that these are the only two out there, for those of you who are looking for something Free, there are a few WP backup plugins you can use but I cannot be certain that they will work as good as the two i have listed here.

Thanks for reading.

As always if you found any of this helpful, like, share, and comment below, let me know your thoughts or any other suggestions you may have on great WP website backup plugins you use that is working well for you.


The 5 Fastest Ways To Get Traffic To Your Blog Post Without SEO

The Fastest Way To Get Traffic To Your Blog Post Without SEO

This post will show you how to get traffic to your blog posts fast without having a list or knowing much about SEO

Many times over and over again it is very common to see bloggers write a blog post, share it on just facebook and ping it and expect to get floods of traffic coming in.

Now there are two ways you can get traffic to your blog post.

By one SEO (Search Engine Optimization) by making sure you have optimized your post putting keywords in your Titles (H1,H2, H3 title tags) post, anchor texts and the like. There is nothing wrong with this method and this is what a lot of experts use.

HOWEVER,  (I put that in bold and capitals), I for one do not want to wait for traffic to come in but rather have it come in RIGHT NOW! And this can be done by the second method which is one that a lot of bloggers miss, LIST BUILDING/E-MAIL MARKETING.

It has been said over and over again for years and years


Imagine every time you create a new post all you have to do is simply send an email and have hoards of traffic coming into it. You think the search engines will not take notice of this as well.

Big sites such as have titles such as Jamie Fallons Big Show Off……Now tell me please who in the world types that into the search engines?

Yet you go onto the post and see there has been 600 fb likes, over 1000 twitter shares….now that was made up from the top of my head.

looks at this post I saw on the

The Wild and Crazy Career Paths of 5 Self-Made Billionaires (Infographic)

I took the liberty to provide you with a few stats to show you just how much attention this puppy got.


Those are the numbers you instantly get when you have a mailing list of loyal subscribers/followers. P.S. This is a good read, check it out here

Now lets get down to it.


How To Get Traffic To Your Blog Posts Fast in 5 Simple Quick Steps

1. Ping Your Website (,, pinging service)

2. Use Social Platforms Like Onlywire/Social Monkee to share your post (Click here to see more social tools like these)

3. Pin It (Pinterest Groups are Good) There is a great blog group that you can pin every post you make to HERE

4. If you have a FB fan page/group share it

5. And Lastly Post 5 times to (To Find out more about what this amazing tool is click here to read the review on it)

BONUS: Another thing you can do that will help you is submit your post to 70 search engines on


Conclusion :

And there you have it folks that is my list of the 5 fastest ways to get traffic to your blog posts without knowing too much about Search Engine Optimization.

I hope you liked it and if you did please share it.

As always if you have any ways that you use to get traffic to your blog posts by all means share in the comment box below.

3 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Writers Block, A Bloggers Perspective

3 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Writers Block, A Bloggers Perspective


writers block

We all get it and it all happens to us at one point or another no matter who you are as long as you are a writer then yes be sure and guaranteed writers block is something that you will eventually get if you have not already.

This post will highlight, without going too much into detail the on way you can COMPLETELY get rid of writers block! Resources on more tips and strategies will be provided at the end of the post.

Now lets get started……


The Freestyle Method


I am writing right now and typing with almost absolutely no notion of how the structure of this post will look like once i am done.

The key here is just too keep typing and keep going.

What ever comes to mind no matter how silly, or stupid or irrelevant you may think it is, just keep typing/writing. You will be surprised at just how much you have to say without knowing what to say.

Once you have finished you post leave it, do not bother with grammatical errors or misspellings and come back to it later.

You will be surprised at what happens when you come back the next day to correct it. ideas will be flying left right and center.


The Research Method


Now this is a pretty easy one to do. Without know what you looking for or what you want to write about go to any search engine and type in any word that comes to mind and end by saying BLOG POST at the end of it as shown in the example below:

blog post idea

As I was writing this post I was chatting with a friend of mine and a fellow blogger who magically sent me this

blog posting


which brings me to my last and final point.


The Question-Answer Method

This is a very full proof way to ignite your creative juices by going to and places like yahoo! Answers especially where you will find loads of people looking for answers to almost anything that you can think of!

One place that a lot of writers seem to neglect. This can be a saviour for you just as it has been for many writers, online especially!

The Biggest Contributor to Writers Block


The biggest contributor to writers block is over thinking it. The moment you tell ask yourself “Now what should I write about” the process that will have you frustrated and pulling out your hair has already began to take place.

Instead tell yourself “I AM GOING TO….” This is such a powerful statement.

“I am going to write about whatever comes to mind or whatever I can find.”


Thank you for reading, as always if you have any other tips and tricks you think you can add please do comment and share.

For more tips on how to get rid of writers block visit